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Expert Reports

We compile expert reports considering energy performance of building calculations (all calculation methods), the thermal behaviour of buildings or rooms and the energy consumption of buildings. We also examine the basic cause of moisture damage, especially in insulated building structures. You'll find examples of our services on this page.

Energy consumption versus energy requirement

Real energy consumption is often considerably different to the energy requirement calculated beforehand. This has many reasons, which we get to the bottom of. Our forte here is the selection of the appropriate calculation method and the identification of its necessary input values.

Moisture damage

There are many reasons for moisture damage in isolated constructions. This might be disturbances in the structure itself or a wrong (or missing) hygrothermal dimensioning. We analyse the reasons with 1D hygrothermal simulations (WUFI) and/or 2D/3D calculations of thermal bridges.

Standardization and research

In standards committees or in research projects we support you with energy-efficient construction issues. You will benefit from our experience with European standardization work (CEN).

With passive houses in particular there are many reservations and misgivings that these kinds of buildings are not functional. To a large extent these are based on energy requirements of these buildings that have not been calculated precisely enough, or buildings that are constructed differently than planned. Further possibilities of the differences are an insufficient quality management or inadequate adjustments of the energy systems.

The calculation of non-residential buildings is very complex and requires a lot of knowledge. Thanks to our work as trainers for Kern Ingenieurkonzepte we are experts on the DIN V 18599 and have been working intensively with its calculation methods since its introduction. Expanding on this, we were also co-founders of the "DIN V 18599" competence network and participated intensively in this field in standardization work at European level – CEN Mandate 480 / EPB standards.

Experts report

Before you order an experts report we generally issue a tender. To estimate the work to be done as efficently as possible we need as much detailed information as possible, including plans, pictures, material information etc. We may also ask for missing important data. The tender will include a timespan that we estimate for working on this project, starting with contract award. This timespan may then be adapted if the contract award is delayed.

A usual timespan for working on an expert report is about three months, beginning with the contract award.

For our expert reports we endeavour to express ourselves as clearly as possible and to explain the facts in-depth, to get the solution across to a lay person. In doing so we refer to and explain all relevant rules and regulations. Our goal is to compile brief and comprehensible reports while explaining the facts in full. The expert report will be issued targeting the audience according to the customer’s wishes.

Counters schema
Source: Polysun (Velasolaris) and Energiebuendel
The compilation [of the report] at your end was flawless in both technical and scheduling terms. The complicated facts were presented in your report in a way that was also understandable for lay people. I was able to integrate your explanations into my report without any laborious revision.

Certificate training for hygrothermal building physics experts

Board of examiners for the certificate training for hygrothermal building physics experts
Board of examiners, source: e.u.[z.]

The Energie- und Umweltzentrum in Springe-Eldagsen together with the Fraunhofer-Institut of Building Physics (IBP) in Holzkirchen are organizing a certificate training for "Hygrothermal building physics experts". In this process we contribute on the relevant energy aspects in the development and speakers team.

The training offers a deep insight into the interrelationship of the energy saving and moisture protection with five thematic modules including assignments and examination. The topics are writing expert reports,energy calculation and comparison of demand and requirement, ventilation, calculation of thermal bridges, summer heat protection, air tightness, interior insulation, hygrothermal performance calculations and simulations, wood protection, material science and measurement methods.

Key points of our work here are energy performance calculation with all its nuances and thermal bridge calculations. We also cover the areas of moisture protection and summer heat protection.

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Certificate training for hygrothermal building physics experts
Link to the presentation from the organizer e.u.[z.] (in German).

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