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Energy consultant

In the field of ecological construction or renovation of NZEB and healthy living we offer all necessary services according to promotional rules for residential and non-residential buildings. This means services for passive houses or retrofitting with passive house components. Our focus lies on the one hand on building physics, so mould avoidance, thermal and living comfort. On the other hand we optimize your energy system requests with regard to comfort, functionality, sustainability and economic efficiency.
We only advise on these very energy-efficient measures, independent of promotions as well, because we are convinced that measures without optimized energy saving are neither suitable for our grandchildren's future nor are they economically efficient. All this is only possible with a sufficient definition of the targets and quality management of design and construction.

Our independence is crucial for our work as consultants and quality managers, we have no hidden interests, and are committed only to the interests of our customers and climate protection.

Passive houses and NZEB

We advice and plan your retrofit or construction project of a healthy-living and energy-efficient residential or non-residential building. We also support you in obtaining funding from the KfW bank or BAFA as well as regional funding programmes.

List of "Energie-Effizienz-Experten"

Quality management in the design phase

Without good planning and definition of targets it is not possible to built a good building or to implement construction measures. Whenever possible the planning should always be ready before the building begins. The practice, unfortunately the norm today, of having the diggers get started shortly after building permission is granted, without having finished the construction and detailed planning or invitations to tender, leads to the logical consequence that goals yet to be specified cannot be achieved. Thorough planning is indispensable for good construction quality and cost control and is therefore a key milestone.

Quality management in the construction phase

Quality management in the construction phase should be done by the site manager, and where possible by a good architect. But the architect’s scope of work is so diverse that not every architect can know the peculiarities of energy-efficient construction, especially in the field of energy systems. Plus, the architect is committed 100% to the success of the project, so the bar is set very high to admit any possible shortcomings. This even applies to energy consultants who are extensively involved in the project, as is mostly the case with modernizations.
Even the nicest and most competent property developer is very much invested in the success of the project, and all their employees are committed to this success. They do everything to compensate for possible shortcomings with as little effort as possible. An independent entity is entirely missing, although the client usually does not have enough knowledge. In this respect the quality management should be undertaken by an independent third party where possible, or at least by the energy consultant, who has "only" done the energy performance calculation and who was not involved in the planning of the building envelope or the energy system.

The quality management in the construction phase includes measurements, such as air tightness, and the supervision of the commissioning and configuration of the energy system.


Monitoring is the logical last step of quality management, similar to test driving a new car. For the first two or three years the consumption data is analysed regularly and compared with the calculated energy demand. Deviations can be found quickly and easily and the reasons can be identified. And faults are easiest to find within the warranty period. Even simple adjustments of controllers might be the reason, or perhaps components are not installed correctly.

List of "Energie-Effizienz-Experten"

For many funding schemes in Germany it is necessary to be accredited in this experts list. It is hosted by dena. There are different categories. You’ll find the current status of our registration on the list.

Energiebuendel’s consulting was very important for us to be able to optimally complete our ecologically demanding modernisation project.

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List of the federal "Energie-Effizienz-Experten"

Direct link to the list of the federally accredited energy consultants.

Funding database

The Department of Trade, Industry and Energy provides a database with all regional, federal and European funding programmes, including energy-efficient construction. There may also be further local funding, from the energy supplier for example.

Dipl.-Ing. Friedemann Stelzer

Founded in Cologne in 1998, the consultants have been based in Reutlingen since 2007 and offer their services throughout Europe.


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